SuperController XBox for PC, Test 1

I’m currently living abroad so I dont have all my tools around but with a hammer and a driller I decided to add an additional joystick to the XBox controller.

Here the victim:

XBox controller


Here the result:

Super XBox controller prototype


Here the process:

I want to add a joystick to the base xbox controller, so I can avoid having to move from the Alternate Flight mode to Standard in Elite.

First I need to have the base test working… here the video with the potentiometer working as lateral thrust:

GamePad Windows prototype


Library used ArduinoJoystickLibrary from MHeironimus

The result, working in elite as lateral thrusters: (got to the 50% of the video)

Now we need to find the proper components and some space in the controller to fit all in…



The drilling


When I said I only had a driller I was not kidding… hahahah, the finesse in the plastic holes…

Wiring and connecting


And the software (arduino firmware):